Civil structural engineer, founder and technical director of ‘Boaretto e Associati s.r.l.’.

Formerly a lecturer in “Structural Typology and Mechanics” at the University Iuav of Venice and “Assessment and Improvement of the Safety of Existing Structures” at the University of Padua.

Luca graduated in Padua in 2000 (with Professor Ing. Giovanni Zuccolo Arrigoni serving as his final thesis supervisor) and obtained his professional certification the same year. He has been a member of the Order of Engineers of the province of Venice since March 6, 2001, and currently serves on the institution’s “Structures and Geotechnics” and “Cultural Heritage” committees.

His professional journey began in the year 2000 when he started collaborating with engineer Paolo Casarin in Treviso, and from 2001 with the Fuser, Scotta, Vitaliani Studio in Preganziol, which later became “Tre Erre Ingegneria S.r.l.” In 2006, he became a partner in the firm. In 2008, he founded Blutec Ingegneria e Progetti s.s., based in Venice, where until April 2013, he undertook projects in civil structural engineering, encompassing both new constructions and restoration and consolidation projects. Since May 2013, he has been leading “Boaretto e Associati S.r.l.,” alongside engineers Mattia Ongarato and Stefania Boaretto.

Starting from 2005, he has collaborated with the University of Padua (degree courses in Civil Engineering and Building Engineering), delivering lectures to students on structural design in partnership with professors Roberto Scotta, Massimiliano Lazzari, and Carlo Pellegrino.

Since 2007, he has been a teaching collaborator at the Iuav University of Venice in the scientific disciplinary sectors ICAR/08 (Structural Engineering) and ICAR/09 (Construction Techniques), delivering lectures during courses, mentoring graduating students, and participating in graduation sessions (in collaboration with various professors, including Roberto Di Marco, Olimpia Mazzarella, Sandra Bullo). He also serves as an integrated lecturer in international workshops and publishes several articles on structural design.

In 2015, he was appointed as a contract professor at the same university to teach “Structural Typology and Mechanics” as part of the Bachelor’s degree program in Architecture, Techniques, and Cultures of Design; a position he held until 2020.

In 2017, he assumed the role of professor for “Assessment and Improvement of the Safety of Existing Structures” in the Master’s degree program in Civil Engineering at the University of Padua, a position he held until 2022.

Since 2020, he has been collaborating with Professor Giovanni Plizzari and the University of Brescia (Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Territory, Environment, and Mathematics), delivering lectures to students on structural design and the rehabilitation of existing structures.

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